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John McKay is the guy behind Basepath Media and leads the teams he assembles for each project. In fact, he has a number of communications and marketing professionals at his disposal and a 2000 square foot audio/video production facility to make things happen. He also has a lot of experience in – and passion for – baseball and softball. Check out the bio below.

John McKay has extensive business, communications and marketing experience stretching back over three decades. He is the owner of Trustmakers (Rutherford McKay Associates Inc.), a national communications training and consulting company, co-owner of Centre42, a learning and media production centre, and a podcast host. He is a former television producer and community newspaper editor, and a former advisor and director of communications for the federal government. For the past 23 years he has operated businesses specializing in communications, marketing, and community engagement.

And he has some street-cred as well when it comes to community-based baseball and softball.

  • He has provided media relations, communications and marketing services for a team within the prestigious Canadian Premier Baseball League. For example, he generated and coordinated media coverage related to team players participating in the Toronto Blue Jays Futures tournament in the summer of 2022, resulting in media coverage on TSN, talk radio stations and daily newspapers.
  • He has arranged and coordinated promotions for clients at games played at Ottawa’s Triple-A stadium. For example, he partnered with the team to promote a large airshow event (including ticket giveaways at local radio stations). He has also organized and hosted a number of corporate events during Frontier League games.
  • Through his company, he worked on the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, training official spokespeople to be clear and effective with the media and other key audiences.
  • He was co-founder and co-organizer of the Family Fun League, a series of four fully accessible baseball events conducted for people of all ages, genders, and abilities.
  • He has fundraised, provided financial support, and volunteered with the Miracle League, a purpose-built field that gives special-needs children, young adults, and adults the opportunity to play the game of baseball (and other sports).
  • But his work with sports organizations stretches back to his days working in local television covering local sporting events. 
  • As a baseball dad, he is a former coach and assistant coach with several little league teams.

BASEPATH is owned by McKayComm Incorporated and is co-owned and co-located with the Trustmakers Group of Companies. This group includes Trustmakers, a communications training company; Centre42, a multimedia production facility; and, of course, BASEPATH MEDIA.