Communicate, Create & Collaborate

Exterior picture of Centre42

We are a network with a two-story building at 5480 Canotek Road in Beacon Hill, Ottawa.

Are you a communicator content creator? Find and do work at Centre42

Centre42 helps communicators and creators to find meaningful and profitable work.

It can be difficult for communicators and creators to find new opportunities and be part of large interesting projects. Centre42 is a coworking space that brings a whole new dimension to your work world. It is where you can find work, put in joint bids, market your services, find subcontractor opportunities and have ready access to other skilled professionals when you need them.

For example, Rutherford McKay Associates (RMA) is our anchor affiliate. This long-established, full-service communications and training company has committed to looking first to the Centre42 network for subcontractors and consultants. Centre42 encourages all of its affiliates to do the same.

Centre42 actively markets the services of our affiliates, not only to other Centre42 members, but to potential clients in all sectors. We scan all major procurement services everyday looking for opportunities for our affiliates.

For $100/month you can access the network, partner with others, work and create on-site and participate in learning and professional development programs.