Discrete Media Group

Principals: Paul Napash and Sébastien Blanchard

Business description

Paul Napash

Media is a growing market, with expanding mediums and growing markets for both audio and video finished products. We offer a creative space where a resident composer operates from, within an array of quality instruments and the oversight of a mixing engineer with 10 years experience. The business offers on demand music, as well as video and audio production.


Media production services, specializing in Music composition, recording and production and consultancy. Specialized in beat making, arranging and composition, audio recording, mixing, as well as education product design and review, and soon expanding to other media of interest.

Services disponible dans les deux langues, dans un environnement inclusif – Services offered in both official languages, and inclusively safe for all people.

While this organization focuses on media production, it has other goals revolving around education and reconciliation. It is for this reason and others that Paul Napash and Sébastien H.Blanchard decided to work together as cultural leaders.

Contact: info@chibibeats.com