Business Development

Business Development: Procurement Opportunity Scans; Joint Bids & Partnerships; Procurement Events; Marketing Supports

You have your own business and brand. Part of Centre42’s mission is to support you in your search for meaningful and profitable work.
See some shots of the Affiliates-only web service.

We will accomplish this by:

  • marketing of Centre42 and the services provided by its members (website, social media, sponsorships and other marketing tactics);
  • providing regular and relevant scans of the major subscription-based procurement sites, including Merx, Bids & Tenders, Biddingo and government procurement sites such as Buy and Sell and the Ontario Tenders Portal; *
  • posting these scans on the Centre42 members-only site to facilitate partnerships between members so they can bid on projects that may exceed the scope of any one member;
  • drawing on our extensive communications, marketing and creative industry network in Ottawa to seek out other trusted bid partners or subcontractors as needed;
  • drawing member attention to free “how to” procurement events and “reverse trade shows” put on by various procurement services;
  • seeking out and facilitating access to various small business supports in Ottawa, such as Service Ontario Business Services, the Ottawa Film Office, Chambers of Commerce, Regroupement des gens d’affaires de la Capitale nationale(RGA) and Invest Ottawa. The emphasis will be on looking for services and opportunities that benefit our members;
  • encouraging members to share information about such supports and opportunities with other members;
  • facilitating the sharing of tips and tricks among members for putting together a successful bid; and,
  • brainstorming with members about how they can help each other succeed.

*Additional fee directly to the procurement service to download a specific Request for Proposals (RFP) may be required.