Join Us!

Centre42 is a cooperative consisting of professional communicators and people working in creative industries across Canada and in other countries.

We ensure our affiliates have demonstrated expertise in their field and have something to offer the cooperative network. We also want to have people join our business cooperative who share our philosophy.

To ensure the quality of our services and consistency in our principles and approach, there is an application process for becoming a Centre42 Affiliate.

If you’re interested in joining us, please put forward you or your organization here.

As a Centre42 Affiliate you are provided with the following for $100 per month*:

  • Work referrals as appropriate from other affiliates or directly to Centre42 (e.g., in the first three months of 2021, Centre42 Affiliates in different parts of Canada received over $50,000 in contracted work through Centre42) **
  • Included in Centre42 marketing (social media, digital marketing, online events, etc.)
  • Included on our RingCentral phone system (includes extension forwarded to your phone, app for calling out, fax, voicemail, etc.)
  • Procurement scanning, downloads and submissions (Merx, Biddingo, Buy&Sell, Bids&Tenders, and others) and participation in joint proposals as appropriate
  • Part of the internal network (password-protected site for connecting with other experienced professionals who are part of the Centre42 network)
  • Optional participation in bi-weekly Affiliate meetings
  • Occasional use of videoconference business hosting accounts (Zoom, Webex)
  • Access to secure Synology NAS/server for file management, file sharing, storage, etc.
  • Professional development opportunities as provided by Centre42 affiliates
  • Access to the Centre42 Learning and Media Production Facility in Ottawa (in-person or virtually)

* On a month-to-month basis, cancel at any time. Applicable taxes are extra.

** Work referrals and subcontracts are at the discretion of Centre42 Affiliates. There is no guarantee of referrals or contracts.

It is a way for sole proprietors and small businesses offering complementary services to work together.

They look to each other to offer a wider range of services to their clients and customers. They pool their marketing, promotional and advertising efforts for greater impact. They work together to submit joint bids and proposals. They come up with new ideas and opportunities. They learn from each other.

It is a way for you or your organization to be online-amazing.

Centre42 is a virtual cooperative, anchored by a two-story building in Ottawa that features audio-video production facilities, videoconference and streaming, a performance space, meeting rooms and workspaces. Regardless of where the member lives and works, these facilities can bring a whole new dimension to their work, their videoconferences and their overall online presence.