The Affiliate Network

Affiliate Network: Complementary Fields; Established Professionals; Networking & Interactions; In-person & Online

As a Centre42 Affiliate you will be part of a network of creative and communications professionals. See some shots of the Affiliates-only web service.

Over the years, Centre42’s founders have worked out of noisy coffee shops, co-working spaces for IT start-ups or hipsters, and expensive downtown business centres filled with professionals who don’t work in our fields and have no need for our services.

We needed a new kind of facility that is suited to our – and your – needs as communicators or creative professionals.

At Centre42 you will get to know a wide network of people and businesses that have expertise complementary to your own. Whether it is the pursuit of business development, the sharing of knowledge and expertise, participating in events or interacting online through our Affiliates-only website, you will find Centre42 an excellent place in which to grow.