The shared philosophy of our affiliates is:

Creativity: In a world increasingly reliant on artificial intelligence and machine learning, creativity is a highly valued trait, especially when supported by specific skills, critical thinking and interpersonal communication. This kind of creativity powers success in communication and content creation.

Adaptability: Flexible networks, partnerships and collaborations, rather than static traditional workplaces, are better able to adapt to a rapidly changing socio-economic environment, driven by changes in technology, climate change and events such as the pandemic.

Authenticity. At the heart of successful communication and creative expression is shedding all of the pretentions, techniques and behaviour that prevent people from expressing their natural, authentic selves.

People. All communication and creative expression, whether done face-to-face or through digital networks or mass media, is personal. Moving ideas from one mind to other minds is, at its heart, a personal or even an intimate experience for both the communicator and audience. It is important to bring this human dimension to the digital world.

Respect and Social Justice. Respect, consideration of others and politeness are expected in in both the virtually-based cooperative and the physical space. The opposites of these traits – ranging from simple rudeness to devaluing people based on ethnicity, cultural background, gender, gender identity, sexuality and disability – have no place in the world of Centre42.

Climate Change. This is the most pressing issue of our time. Not only do we all take steps to reduce our footprint, we also support efforts by others to fight climate change.