Professional Development

Professional Development: Sharing of Knowledge, Expertise; Workshops, Lessons, Courses; Professional and Personal; Training

One of the things that makes Centre42 different is our support as you search for meaningful, rewarding work and grow within your profession.
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For example, our anchor tenant, RMA, is an experienced corporate trainer in the field of communications and media relations. RMA will occasionally offer free workshops for Centre42 members.

In fact, if they wish, all Centre42 members will be encouraged to share their knowledge and skills with other members in any format that they want to use, such as a workshop, lesson, informal meeting, seminar, printed material, video or multimedia. Centre42 will organize regular workshops to support this sharing.

Whether it is professional development training during the day, music or art lessons in the evening, or webinars and demonstrations at any time, Centre42 is a curious place. It is an unlikely place. It is where you can learn and grow.