Shot of our studio with person speaking in front of a green screen.

Training and eLearning

  • E-learning, virtual training courses and webinars, including design, production and hosting
  • TRUSTMAKERS™ communications training courses and workshops
    • Media relations spokesperson training
    • Public speaking and presenting training
    • Plain language for experts workshop
    • Strategic communications training
    • Issue management / crisis communications training
    • Parliamentary committee appearances training
    • Speechwriting workshop

Professional Services

  • Agency representation for actors, writers and directors
  • Strategic corporate communications
  • Campaign development
  • Digital advertising
  • Speechwriting
  • Writing and editing
  • Media relations
  • Translation (English <-> French <-> Spanish)

Photo of sound booth / podcast studio.

Digital Production

  • Music composition, recording and production and consultancy, including beat making, arranging, recording, mixing
  • Digital audio/video production including podcasting and corporate videos
  • Professional videoconferences and virtual events

Coming soon:

  • art direction, graphic design and illustration
  • web development
  • photography
  • performing arts
  • art and music instruction
  • event planning
  • management consulting/executive coaching

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