Request for Expressions of Interest

Deadline: Please fill out the response template and send it by 28 February 2019 to


1. Overview of Requirement

Centre42 is seeking expressions of interest from established freelancers, consultants and small businesses working in communications, marketing or other creative industries.

It can be difficult for communicators and creators to find new opportunities and be part of large interesting projects. Centre42 brings a whole new dimension to their work. It is where they can find work, put in joint bids, market their services, find subcontractor opportunities and have ready access to other skilled professionals when they need them.

2. About Centre42

Centre42 is a group of people working in communications or creative industries. While we have a two-storey facility in Ottawa’s east end, we work across Ontario and across Canada. Please see our website at for more information about who we are, where we are and what we do.

Our model is simple: by joining our group, people become preferred suppliers for other members of the group. For example, Rutherford McKay Associates (RMA) is our anchor affiliate. This long-established, full-service communications and training company has committed to looking first to the Centre42 network for subcontractors and consultants. Centre42 encourages all of its affiliates to do the same.

We are seeking established freelancers, consultants and small businesses working in communications, marketing or other creative industries (see below) to be part of our group and become a registered affiliate. To be a registered affiliate, the monthly fee is $100 plus HST. It is paid month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time. Our affiliates usually make more money being part of our group than it costs to be a member.

3. Opportunities

There are just some of the roles that we are hoping to see filled. They are provided as examples. If you work in any of the industries set out in the next section, you are welcome to contact us about becoming a registered affiliate.

  • Audio/podcast producer. Centre42 has a large sound booth and studio for podcasting, audio books and even audio drama. A Centre42 affiliate with strong audio production and podcasting skills would be the go-to person for these services.
  • Digital marketer. Digital marketing, social media, web development and/or app development are services that our affiliates either offer to their clients or may require for their own businesses.
  • Digital video producer(s)/webcasters. Centre42 has a digital video studio, complete with 4K capability, lighting equipment, green screen, etc. Centre42 and RMA also intend to offer webinars, training courses, eLearning and other online activities. Affiliate(s) for digital video would be the Centre42 network’s resource(s) for production and other related services.
  • Graphic design and art direction. It is common for companies and individual consultants, including current Centre42 affiliates, to be asked if they can provide graphic design and art direction services. Being a go-to person for this work as part of the Centre42 network would make you an important resource to other affiliates and to external clients.
  • Instructors. Do you offer (or would you like to offer) courses or workshops in your area of expertise, both in-person and online? Do you have the experience and expertise to deliver any of RMA’s courses anywhere in Canada or around the world? Centre42 is the perfect home for you to carry out your business.

4. Examples of communications and creative industries

If you are working in one of the following areas, or another related field, you could become a Centre42 Affiliate:

Digital Marketing, Production and Publishing

• Digital marketing (social media, digital advertising, etc.)
• Digital audio and video production
• Film production
• Television and radio production
• Voice and onscreen talent
• Animation
• Photography
• Printing/publishing
• Sign design and production
• Coding (app development, Website development, etc.)

Writing and Editing
• Writing of all kinds, including technical/science writing, copywriting, scriptwriting, fiction & non-fiction authors, speechwriting, web writing, etc.
• Translation
• Research

Marketing and Advertising
• Artistic direction
• Advertising (plan, create, media buys, etc.)
• Brand strategy and implementation
• Marketing strategy and implementation
• Copy writing
• Branded promotional products

Events and Exhibits
• Event planning and implementation
• Displays and exhibits
• Facilitation
• Keynote/public speaking
• Museum and gallery exhibit design and construction

Strategies and Implementation Plans
• Communications strategies and plans
• Branding and marketing strategies and plans
• Outreach and education strategies and plans
• Campaign planning and execution

• Product design
• Graphic design
• Fashion design
• Interior design

Performing Arts
• Storytelling and spoken word
• Acting
• Dancing and choreography
• Musical performances
• Comedians and other live entertainers
• Performer and celebrity representation (agents)

Visual Arts
• Painting
• Illustration
• Printmaking

5. Submission Instructions

Please fill out the following template and submit it along with any other information you’d like to share about yourself and/or your business. Submit it to

We will be doing a periodic refresh of our affiliate list. The deadline for responding to this RFI is Friday, 28 February 2020. Please e-mail your response to You may ask questions at any time during the process by sending them to the email address above. We will respond directly to you and post them to our Biddingo posting.

We will acknowledge receipt of all submissions. We will only contact those who are to move on to the next stage.

The stages of this process:

  1. Issue Request for Expressions of Interest (RFI)
  2. Respond to questions from responders: from issuance of the RFI to 28 February 2020
  3. Closing date for RFI (all submissions to be e-mail prior to or on this date): 28 February 2020
  4. Contacting potential affiliates: no later than 5 March 2020
  5. Further discussions and potential agreement to proceed